The pricing below is fairly simple and detailed at the same time – we don’t like hidden costs any more than you do. All IKEA kitchen installations come with a warranty matching IKEA’s product warranty for installation.

IKEA Kitchens – Cabinet Installation Pricing

  • IKEA Cabinet build and install $97 per cabinet/box includes hardware, standard toe-kick, and handles
  • Corner cabinets $147 (carousel $47)
  • Tall cabinets $177
  • Wine rack or open cabinets $127
  • Drawers, and flip-up doors $15 each

This price is complete, finished, adjusted, handles installed, and includes toe kick panels (decorative toe-kick see mouldings). The optional items listed below may not be required on many kitchen installations. Customers are to install shelves unless the location is pre-marked.

All regular fasteners (not IKEA specific) are provided in pricing as well as adhesives and caulking if necessary. Pricing is subject to HST.

Large panels $97 (36×96 cut to size – optional – beside fridge etc.)
Smaller cover panels $67 (26×36 cut to size beside dishwasher for counter support)
Large cover panels that do not need cut to fit $47 (25×80 or 90)
Small cover panels $27 (25×30, 15×32.5 and 15×42.5)
Small cover panels that need to be cut to fit $47
Cabinet door on dishwasher $147 (product not recommended – dishwasher installer to adjust – no warranty)

Fillers Spacers
Small filler pieces $47
Large filler pieces $77

Islands and Peninsulas
Regular cabinet price plus $197, w/cabinets on front and back or oversized $247 (includes 3 cover panels – additional panels are $47 each small $97 large)

Deco Strip, Cornice, Crown Mouldings, and Light Valances $15 per piece/panel/cabinet for both upper and lower.
Decorative toe-kick $50 per piece (product not recommended – no warranty).

IKEA only – $57 per transformer plus $57 per light. Please note: Ikea lighting has a transformer that will need to be plugged in and wiring routed from it to the lights. Hardwiring of the transformer is to be done by an electrician. Hardwiring lights to a switch may be a better option in many cases. Talk to your electrician about your options.
Note: Ikea lighting requires a transformer with a power cable and wires to the lights. This product may not be suitable for all kitchens. 

Countertop Installation
Laminate only (Ikea or other) $347 (two-piece – $97 per additional)
Install counter without kitchen install add $97
Dry fit sink – plumber to do final installation $97
Finish counter edges at cuts $47

Appliance Installation
Dishwasher $147 w/existing plumbing and electrical
Microwaves above stove with fan $147 Under-cabinet $77
Regular stove hood extractor fan $97
Stand-alone extractor hood $147
All pricing is with existing electrical and venting in place otherwise additional charges will apply

Kitchen Removal
Complete removal of old kitchen $347 – $447 depending on size with new install – $447 – $547 without new install (wood counters only)
Cap plumbing if required $77 – dump fees may apply

Dump fee for garbage $147 – $197 for full kitchen – stone-type counters will be extra
Minimum charge $297 (does not apply to return visits for unfinished work or missing parts)

Customer is responsible for checking shipped items with invoice and order/pickup of any missing items – Please check your order!

Please Note: All pricing is for installation only – we do not supply any of the items being installed. All pricing is subject to 13% HST.

If you would like a quote on your Ikea kitchen installation please email a PDF of the plan or preferably send it directly from the planning tool under the drop-down “Print” menu – “Email”. Send plans to and be sure to include your info in the notes section as Ikea will not share that.

Required for kitchen installation quote:

  • Plan PDF or shared from the planning tool
  • Name
  • Address or rough location
  • Email the quote will be sent to
  • Estimated timeframe – note we are usually booking a month out

If you have any questions call, email, or use the form below for the quickest response.