The pricing below is fairly simple and detailed at the same time – we don’t like hidden costs any more than you do. All IKEA kitchen installations come with a warranty matching IKEA’s product warranty for installation.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Installation Pricing

  • IKEA Cabinet build and install $97 per cabinet/box includes hardware, standard toe-kick, and handles
  • Corner cabinets $147 (carousel $47)
  • Tall cabinets $177
  • Wine rack or open cabinets $127
  • Drawers, flip-up doors $15 each

This price is complete, finished, adjusted, handles installed, and includes toe kick panels (decorative toe-kick see moldings). On many kitchen installations, the optional items listed below may not be required. Customer to install shelves unless the location is pre-marked.

All regular fasteners (not IKEA specific) are provided in pricing as well as adhesives and caulking if necessary. Pricing is subject to HST.

Large panels $97 (optional – beside fridge etc.
Smaller cover panels $67
Dishwasher side panel $67 (optional – if at the end of the counter)
Cabinet door on dishwasher $147 (product not recommended – dishwasher installer to adjust – no warranty)
Small filler pieces $47
Large filler pieces $77

Islands and Peninsulas
Regular cabinet price plus $197, w/cabinets on front and back or oversized $247 (includes 2 cover panels – additional panels are $47 each small $97 large)

Deco Strip, Cornice, Crown Mouldings, and Light Valances $15 per piece/cabinet/upper/lower.

Decorative toe-kick $50 per piece (product not recommended – no warranty).

IKEA only – $57 per transformer plus $57 per light. Please note: Ikea lighting has a transformer that will need to be plugged in and wiring routed from it to the lights. Hardwiring of the transformer is to be done by an electrician.

Countertop Installation
Laminate only (Ikea or other) $347 (two-piece – $97 per additional)
Install counter without kitchen install add $97
Dry fit sink – plumber to do final installation $97
Finish counter edges at cuts $47

Appliance Installation
Dishwasher $147 w/existing plumbing and electrical
Microwaves above stove with fan $147 Under-cabinet $77
Regular stove hood extractor fan $97
Stand-alone extractor hood $147
All pricing is with existing electrical and venting in place otherwise additional charges will apply

Kitchen Removal
Complete removal of old kitchen $347 – $447 depending on size with new install – $447 – $547 without new install (wood counters only)
Cap plumbing if required $77 – dump fees may apply

Dump fee for garbage $147 – $197 for full kitchen – stone type counters will be extra
Minimum charge $297 (does not apply to return visits for unfinished work or missing parts)
Customer is responsible for checking shipped items with invoice and order/pickup of any missing items – Please check your order!

Please Note: All pricing is for installation only – we do not supply any of the items being installed. All pricing is subject to 13% HST.

If you would like a quote on your Ikea kitchen installation please email a PDF of the plan or preferably send it directly from the planning tool under the drop-down “Print” menu – “Email”. Send plans to and be sure to include your info in the notes section as Ikea will not share that.

Required for kitchen installation quote:

  • Plan PDF or shared from the planning tool
  • Name
  • Address or rough location
  • Email the quote will be sent to
  • Estimated timeframe – note we are usually booking a month out

If you have any questions call, email, or use the form below for the quickest response.